Sunday, January 26, 2014

Variety is the Spice of Blogging

On the blog last week, I asked people what they'd like to see on the blog for week four's theme. It's the last week of the Ultimate Blogging Challenge. To comply with the contest requirements, I need to create three or four extra posts to finish the challenge, too.

There are three votes for peeking into my daily fiction writing, two votes for random funny stuff and one vote for flash fiction challenges. Since there are six days left for the challenge, that works perfectly.
The theme this week is Variety.

Daily Fiction Writing
I'm editing one story and starting another, so I can give a full example of the writing process that I use for both. When I talk about what I do, it feels like I'm boring people, but on the other hand, I love hearing the writing process of other authors.

I'll touch on the critique process at Scribophile, which is the writing group I use. I'm searching for other writing groups, too. And I'll talk about my own process for editing.

Flash Fiction Challenge
I wasn't sure whether I'd do another One-Minute Writer flash challenge or try to find a different one for variety. Chuck Wendig is a very funny author with a website called terribleminds. I love his blog, but I don't always read it regularly. I didn't realize this will be the third week of his flash fiction challenge.

This week's challenge is Fairy Tales, Remixed. Writers have to pick a fairy tale and rewrite it, but there's a twist. He listed 20 subgenres. Using a random number generator or online dice, we have to pick a subgenre. I rolled 14 for Slasher Film. It's due by Friday, which is perfect for me.

Random Funny Stuff
This is simple. I'll share videos or pictures that strike me as amusing. Not all of them because wow, that would be a lot of posts, but a few to satisfy the random funny requester.

That leaves me with room to add two or three posts randomly.  


  1. Looks like a smashing week! I can't wait to read your remix on pressure! Plus your random stuff feeds my trivia brain....thanks!

    1. Thanks for coming to comment on my blog post. It was the loneliest blog post in the entire world!