Monday, October 28, 2013

Writing Accountability

I've been procrastinating. I have an 8k word story that I'll be publishing soon. It's a short story and a lead in for people to taste my writing, and hopefully, purchase the next book. A free way for people to experience all that is me.

The problem is that while that free story is done, (I fixed the cover. Thanks for all the comments and suggestions.) the second story is not. I'm nervous. I want the story to be perfect, but that is starting to feel like an excuse to hold back so people can't judge my work. This will be the first story I can share with family and friends. There's a lot of pressure.

Every time I've told one of the teenagers to be quiet while I do this mysterious thing called writing will come back to bite me if they are like, "Really? That's why you wanted us to be quiet? To write that?!" Anyone with teenagers knows I'm telling the truth. They are ruthless.

It can't stay inside any longer. I have to shove it out of the nest and see if it will fly. I have a friend who will beta read for me. I sent him the file last night. He's quick and will let me know if he sees problems with it.

This is my accountability entry. You all know I've given it to him. There are expectations here now, too. Certainly the pressure will be enough to crush me soon. That will weaken my resistance, and I'll have to publish!

See how I have to mind trick myself?

Don't judge me. It works!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Writing Journal

To keep myself accountable, I do a variety of things. They all involve tricking myself into remaining productive. I can get lost in Facebook for an hour while I should be writing. I can get stuck in a thorny plot problem for days while I research. For example, my last novella is about an artist. I needed to find out about art gallery exhibitions. It took weeks, WEEKS, to find enough information for me to feel comfortable writing about it.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Cover Reveal

I've written in other genres under a pen name and those covers were easy compared to this genre. My dirty little secret is that I've been writing erotica for over a year. I'm trying to branch out into other types of writing, so here I am with my first romantic comedy/chick lit short story.

Those other covers were never difficult. Throw a couple on the front entwined in each other's arms, naked flesh exposed here and there. Done!

This is harder. Chick lit is very pink. I'm not a pink kind of girl. It's very girly. I'm not a girly kind of girl! You get the point. This is the cover I've come up with for my story. Give me your thoughts and opinions below.

I might move my name up a smidge. I like it overall, but I'm not sure I trust my judgment since this is my first cover for chick lit.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Little About Me

For the eight or nine of you who are speeding past this blog on your way to do better, and more entertaining things, I thought I'd try to stop you with some weird facts about myself.