Sunday, January 19, 2014

Celebratory Close to Composition Challenge


That was the prompt when I opened One-Minute Writer this morning. I blanked for a moment. Were they kidding me? It's as if they knew it was the last day and wanted me to go out with a flop! Okay. A little paranoid perhaps. After a few seconds of pity for myself, and being completely blank on what I would write, I hit the timer anyway. If I was going out on a flop, then so be it. I'd adhere to the spirit of the challenge I'd given myself.
The first part in red is the 60 seconds by the timer. I definitely struggled, but I kept writing. A small kernel of an idea formed as I finished typing that first paragraph.

This is something that happens accidentally. I've never been able to successfully write with alliteration. Even when my grade school teachers would stand over me demanding pen to paper, it was quite difficult. Made even more so by the pressure of their eyes upon my back. You see, the nuns in grade school were the old-fashioned, habit-wearing nuns carrying rulers up their sleeves.

While I sat sweaty in my seat trying to find the proper placement of the purple prose of paragraphs, the nuns stood over me with their nun stares and their nun rulers waiting to let them swing onto my sensitive knuckles. On my first day, never knowing nuns need knuckles to numb, I nervously stood knock-kneed in my new school of knowledge.  

I'm happy that I kept going. This was the best prompt to finish this themed week of daily challenges. I went from having no clue how to write for this prompt to finishing off the little story with a smile and a sense of satisfaction. When I pushed through the doubt, it worked! It doesn't get any better than that. The paragraphs are not stunning works of fiction, but I'm pleased that I was able to push myself to break through to the other side.

That's it. The week of challenges is over. I'm relieved that I was able to stick to the daily goal and finish the week. New theme tomorrow! 


  1. Yahoo! You've made it and I bet you're feeling a little like celebrating, maybe missing a little of the daily challenge too. I could never have even come close to the great work you've shared this week. I could only dream to have such a grand imagination! Well Done! :)

    1. I am missing it a little bit, but I'm relieved I was able to complete the week. Thanks so much for the comment and compliment!