Friday, May 2, 2014

The Voting Begins

Day 1: Glass Pens

Day 2: Mugs

Day 3: Book Cover Swag

Day 4: Wall Art

I can't wait to see what everyone chooses! The item with the most votes wins. I had fun sharing this week. Hope you enjoyed my indecision since it brought you (and me) some cool finds.


  1. I could pick my favorite....that would be the art piece with the stack of books topped with a coffee cup. I think the best one or two for you is the coffee mug {pftt} or the panda. Have fun shopping!!

  2. Alice in Wonderland Wall Art. Or the Pffft. mug. Third place is Panda print. I think you really want a glass pen though, so you should get what you really want.

  3. My fav is the book bling.. Love some bling in my lfe, but then i'd lose it in my clutter and be sad :( .... Oh, that's right, this is about YOU.. LOL.. haha My 1st Choice for you would be the Alice in Wonderland picture, frame or not it's a great piece as well as conversation piece, could be very inspiring too! of course I love them all, but my 2nd choice would be the bling, 3rd would be .... I just can't chose.. maybe these amazing crafters would 'gift' you all their wonderfulness and you could write more reviews on their other products ??!! hint hint.. come on people, don't make me chose!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all so creative and great choices :)

  4. I like the pffft mug, myself :) But they're all great!

  5. It's a hard decision!!! I like the mug (write drunk, edit sober), the glass pen, and the Alice in Wonderland picture. But they're all great!!! Hope you are able to decide and have fun spending the giftcard!! :)