Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Tall Tale Tuesday (on Wednesday!): May 28th

I know! I'm late with the prompts. I'm sorry. I completely forgot my own Tuesday prompt thing.


Finally graduated from high school, your daughter heads to her car for a round of parties at her friends' houses. She promises no drinking, but you have a bad feeling suddenly.
**Do you stop her because of one bad feeling? What happens?**

One of the milestones in a kid's life is graduation from elementary school to middle school. The young boy walks into class on his first day at the new school.
**Is it vastly different from elementary school? What's his first day like?**

After years of part-time classes, the single mother graduates from college. Her family is extremely proud of her, and she's an inspiration to her children.
**This story can be heart-warming or tragic. What does the future hold for this woman?**

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