Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Spend-a-Thon: The Third Day

I like that title better than the others. Sounds more epic!

It's time to think about spending my money again. Today, there are so many choices. If you missed the others, here they are again.

Day 1: Glass Pens

Day 2: Mugs

On to day 3, where I have a few things to share but under the same category. You'll be able to see by now that I obviously can't make a choice. They are all amazing. Left on my own, I won't buy any of them. That money will sit in my account gathering dust and cobwebs because of my indecision.

If I don't purchase any of these for myself at this time, I'm considering these for my next book's swag/event/release type thing.

Mini Book Charm $10

Key Chain $3.50

The last three come from the same shop. I could get a few. One for myself and a few to give away as gifts or whatever. They come in different colors based on my book colors, too. These are a sampling. 

So, those are the choices. Ruminate on them until tomorrow. I'll be back with more then!


  1. So your book cover can go on them? So cool! I like the key one, but then again, it may not fit with the book. Hmmmmm.

    1. I really like that one, too, but you might be right. I'd need something brighter, and...I don't know, cheerier for my book.