Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tall Tale Tuesday: May 20th

It's Tuesday again. The time just flies, doesn't it? For the few people paying attention, I've been keeping up with the Tuesday prompts, but nothing more for the past week or two. I've got projects exploding out of my ears! Well, not literally because that would be messy, and I don't have a maid. I hate cleaning. I'll explain it all in a day or two when I've made the projects fit for other people. Right now, the projects are in their pajamas. Soon, they will be dressed in their party clothes, then I'll let you all see them. Wanted everyone to know I haven't disappeared like bloggers sometimes do!

On with the prompts:


A woman suspiciously wonders about the times when her husband comes home late from work. Fed up and angry, she waits in her car in his office's parking lot.
**What does she see? Is it a surprise or exactly what she expected?**

The boy lingers in the department store. His mother is close by but not paying attention. He's been thinking about this item for a long time. He wonders how he'll get it without his mother seeing.
**What is the item, and why is it so important for the boy?**

You're driving past a neighbor's house when you see an extremely large package on their porch. It's at least six feet tall since it brushes against the porch's roof. You can see the home from yours.
**What's in the package? Do you ask the neighbor, or peek until you see someone open it?**


  1. I love these and reading the stories people come up with. :)

    1. Thanks! I love reading the stories people come up with, too. When I write the prompts, I normally have an idea in my head of where the story could possibly go, but I'm *always* surprised by the direction writers take them.