Monday, April 28, 2014

Help Me Spend My Money Wisely

More like help me spend my money, period. A week or two ago, I won a $25 Target gift card for being the closest to guessing when a fellow blogger would have her baby along with the weight and sex. I guessed it would be April Fool's day. I was off by one day but that was close enough based on the point system, so I won. Yay me!

Well, I don't have a Target near me. (I never thought I'd win with my silly guess! It was just fun to play.) Since she hadn't purchased the card yet, she very kindly gave me the option to choose another store. We agreed on Etsy. I've always wanted to purchase something there. I'm the brokest ever. I could never justify buying something for myself from Etsy when I have stupid things like bills and the need to eat. This is my chance to buy a quirky, fun item that I absolutely don't need but must have.

I can't tell you how excited I am, but I have a problem. There are too many choices! There are some amazingly talented and creative people on Etsy. How could I choose just one item?

I've come up with a plan. It's a cunning and devious plan where I get you, the readers, to help me make a choice while I advertise and promote the talent and creativity of complete strangers with no compensation whatsoever.

I know! Diabolical genius, right?

Monday through Thursday this week, I'll give you options of things I've found that are writing or reading related that I love. On Friday, I'll present a poll. In the poll, I'll have everything I've suggested during the week along with any choices presented by readers in the comments. The blog readers might know about things I haven't considered! Everything will be around $20, so I'll have enough for shipping.

I'll calculate all the poll results on Saturday and announce the "winner", which will ultimately be me because I'll be getting something awesome for myself! It'll be a fun little experiment and a way to reward people who are creative and brave enough to sell their items on Etsy by promoting them here for others to ooooh and aaaah over.

On with the show...

These are from the same seller, and are only $12 a piece, so I'm calling them one item.

Glass Monogram Writing Pen

I love that it can be personalized

It's a dragonfly!
What do you think? 

Any suggestions for what I should choose this week can be added in the comments!


  1. I love the idea of this! The glass pens would become bloody shards in my gorilla hands, but I'm sure you're a great deal gentler than I. It is a very cool concept. I f I had to choose I'd get the one with your name. Pen, name, ha!

    1. I would probably never even write with them! They'd sit in the catch-all on my desk, but I'd look up and it would make me smile.

      Ha. Pen name.

  2. oooh fun! I can't wait to see all the goodies you have scouted out. Should be a fun wk with a surprise for you in the end.

    1. I'm excited about this week! This kind of forces me to buy something fun, which I don't do very often. I even thought about buying a present for my mom for Mother's Day. I talked myself out of it!