Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tall Tales Tuesday: May 13th

It's that time again!

Samantha over at The Marble Jar submitted a great addition to her story from the week before. You have to read both. Yes, you have to! 

Convince her to write the rest of this character's story. I need more!

Summer Fun

A young girl runs through a sprinkler in her front yard while her mother sits watching.
**Talk about this scene from the perspective of the child or the mother. What kind of day are they having?**

A boy is swimming in the local pond with a bunch of friends. They should be in school but they've skipped and rode their bikes to the pond.
**Will the boy get into trouble, or is it perfect? Something he'll remember for a long time.**

A woman and her husband are driving with their two young children. They've decided to take a road trip like they enjoyed when they were small.
**Is it what they expected, or is it different when you're the adult on a family road trip?**

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