Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Spend My Money: Day 2

New day, new choices. 

I absolutely love coffee. If I could hook myself to an IV filled with the beautiful liquid and live on a caffeine high all day, I would. A brand, new coffee mug would be great. I've listed a few choices since this is one category. They are all a bit expensive, if the mug gets to be a finalist, I'd have to choose only one. 

I like them all. I can picture myself sitting at my desk smiling between sips as I admire my new mug. 

Pfft Mug




  1. I want them ALL. ERMIGAHD. I actually heard your voice say "pfffft." This is a hard decision. I like the black interior, for it hides stains. The wide mouth cup would allow your drink to cool very quickly, though the sentiment is very sweet. The silence one would be handy to shut people up. I'm not sure you could go wrong.

    1. I'd love them all, too! I think it's hysterical that you heard me say that. It would have been a problem if there'd been an R in pffft.

      If the mugs one, it would have to be a specific mug. I clearly can't make decisions and leave any mugs behind. It's too sad.