Saturday, September 27, 2014

Project Runway's Pretty Pretty Makeovers

Sorry that I missed last week's recap, people. Sandhya was kicked because she made a onesie for a pre-teen girl. It was sufficiently horrid for the judges to be like "Ohhh. You aren't as innovative as we thought. You're out there and wacky." There's a fine line between out-of-the-box thinking and out-of-your-mind designing.

I've been bored with the runway lately. There's nothing fantastic or original. Maybe I'm underwhelmed since Sean's fun little gimmick with the dye packs on the Rainway. How can you top the rainway?

This week, the designers had to visit a local park to find an everyday, regular person and give them a makeover. It was a makeup challenge as well as a design challenge. The designers, of course, gravitated to thin people that were already pretty. I'd have loved to see a designer pick an ordinary, slightly homely person to elevate with a makeover. That would have been more dramatic.

They took direction from their clients and started making their garments. Nothing noteworthy happened until Tim came in for the critique. He had advice and tweaks for most of the designers, but Alexander's look first made Tim speechless then he said it was hideous. HIDEOUS! I've never heard Tim be so blunt and harsh. He's been brutally honest before, but that was a first. He told Alexander to scrap the entire thing. It was gross.

Alexander was completely flustered. I don't blame him but honestly, he's been floundering for weeks. It just happened that other people's clothes were worse than his. I haven't liked any of his garments at all.

Hideous! Scrap it, Alexander!

Clients come in for fittings. It's all kind of bland. The clients love it. Well, yeah. They were sitting in the park yesterday and now, they're on television getting an outfit they didn't expect. It's all kind of a whirlwind. I'd have loved whatever they made me, too.

Fast forward to the only part of the whole episode that was at least interesting. They are all leaving for the runway when the zipper on Char's outfit breaks. I'm not even a designer, or a sewer, and even I know that zipper's break. But, she says let me go find Tim. The way she worded it to Tim made it sound like the model ripped the zipper out on purpose. Everyone knows that when Tim calls time, that's it. I've seen him pull things out of the hands of designers before. One model had to sew herself into a dress once in the bathroom so she wasn't half naked on the runway.

Tim asks the other designers if Char can have 10 minutes to sew the zipper in. He does this in front of the other models, too. I was a little shocked. Would he have done this for anyone else? Char was his Tim Gunn Save. He's made a point to mention it previously. He doesn't want her to go home. I think it was a bad call, but the other designers mumbled, "Okay, fine." They didn't want to look like jerks. Later, they moaned about it, but they had their chance to say, 'No. It's an unfair advantage.' Too late now!

Char and Alexander were on the bottom for their looks. He believes that if Char hadn't had that extra time to fix the zipper, she would have gone home.


It was time for him to go, though. I can't be mad about that.

Korina won with her jacket. I could have sworn she was on the bottom for a jacket previously. And I am pretty sure I've seen that jacket someplace before but I can't place it.

All the models looked prettier than they looked in the park, but nothing dramatic. They had eyeshadow and lipstick on with their boring outfits. Meh.

Via Fair Use Project Runway

Char's look

Via Fair Use Project Runway

Alexander's Losing Garment

Via Fair Use Project Runway

Korina's Winning Look

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