Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tall Tale Tuesday: Writing Prompts for May 6th

It's that time again.

This week, I'm providing prompts with a theme.


Walking home from the bus station after a long, tiring day at work, you pass the trash-filled vacant lot like you do every night. The setting sun happens to catch the edge of something extremely shiny, and it catches your eye.
**What is the shiny object?**

A young girl and her little sister are playing on their backyard swing set. The younger girl suddenly runs to the edge of the yard where the woods meet the grass. She casts one glance back at her sister and bolts into the woods.
**What did she see? Does the older girl follow her?**

An plain envelope sits on the woman's desk. She's the first one back from break and none of her co-workers are in their cubicles.
**Who is the envelope from?**

(For those of you who haven't been here before, the linky links won't let me add my own title, so I've been trying to change it up recently. Today I've chosen "Heads or Tails" for the meme.)


  1. I wrote another excerpt from the story I started last week. I didn't realize I was extending the story at first, so that was MY discovery.