Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tall Tale Tuesday: February 25th

The prompts are a creative stepping stone. Anyone who wants to participate is more than welcome to alter the prompts in a way that helps them be more creative. My flash fiction as well as the prompts can be a bit dark, but this is an exercise in tapping into your imagination. If the prompt comes from a place of darkness but helps you jump into the light, take that leap. Don't let the wording of the prompt hold you back from pursuing the story you want to write. I'll try to create versatile prompts, too.

I'll be creating a Tall Tuesday tab for links to the weekly prompts. By Wednesday, the prompts are covered, and I want people to link their stories and not feel like the story disappears never to be seen again. Writing is work! It should be acknowledged.

Every week when Tuesday rolls around again, I'll highlight the stories for the past week before announcing the prompts, too. If anyone has suggestions for showcasing these stories in a better spotlight, let me know! I'm open to suggestions.

Last week, Samantha at The Marble Jar wrote a fun story called The Foreman. Be sure to check it out.

1. Sitting in front of her computer, the woman has tears coursing down her cheeks. Her fingers hover over the keys while she sobs quietly.
**Why is she crying? Are they tears of sorrow or joy?**

2. Every day, the old gentleman sits on a bench in the park. He doesn't speak to anyone or move for hours.
**Why does he sit there silently?**

3. Balloons bob in a lazy row on the front fence of the house. From deep inside the home, screams of laughter can be heard.
**What's happening in the house?**



  1. I wrote a little snippet story. What is the deal with screaming coming from inside houses? LOL I could've written #1 as a true story account of my days.

    1. It was screaming laughter. Could be dark, could be light. I'm giving you all some versatile prompts because I heart you guys!

  2. I'm with Sam.. the screams coming from inside the house really had me going for a few days.. These prompts are great too... I really need to just sit and write something crazy... my all too serious daytime life (working at a cancer center) is screaming at me for a release of something crazy fun! Be prepared... it could be scary if I really let go!

    1. I would love to see you take that quirky and jam it into a story! I can understand needing a release after your day job. Give it a try!