Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Off-Beat Inspiration Through Learning

I love online classes and learning new things. I'm not sure how artistic I actually am, or if I just want to be artistic with mediocre talent. Doesn't matter though. It's about opening up to creativity through the process of being artistic if that makes sense. It feels ethereal and vague. Like I'm touching the essence and spirit of my creative being. It feels silly to say, but that's a little like how it feels!

Don't judge me!

I've mentioned my love of photography even if I don't own a camera. I was trying to be a good blogger and link to the post where I mentioned that. Do you think I could find it? Pfft. So, I'm probably repeating myself, but that's fine.

CreativeLIVE is a great site for webinars and tutorials. Lately, I've been watching Susan Stripling's 30 days of photography. She has a wedding photography business. For the entire month, she walks us through her process from the beginning stages of how to contact clients to the wedding day itself to post-processing. The fact that she's an entrepreneur helps me relate to her work. Her marketing plans give me ideas for my own. Her budgeting shines a light on the fact that I have none.

They have other classes, too. It's based on categories like business and money, maker and craft, etc. The calendar is full of free classes. If you want a certain class at a particular time, you have to pay for that privilege. I'd rather wait until they are free like the week-long Adobe classes next week.

I can't wait!!

I'd love to find more classes and webinars even if they have nothing to do with writing. Share your favorite learning sites with the rest of us!


  1. I can't wait! I love online learning and the price can't be beaten. Now to figure out how I can fit more hours into my day.

    1. I could use more hours, too. Or maybe more hands for typing would work!

  2. oh my, the black hole of classes kinda like Pinterest but more interactive! I will have to check these out, I go in huge swings with my creative side but I think it needs to be fed more. Thanks!

    1. It does need to be fed more! Enjoy checking out the classes.