Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tall Tale Tuesday: April 8th

Samantha from The Marble Jar contributed a great story named Hunger for the last Tall Tale Tuesday prompt. Check out her contribution.

On to today's prompts. 

You open a history textbook to find that the words are slowly being erased from the pages. You know this is the work of an evil villain.
*Who are you? What do you do to save history?*

The snow swirls outside while you sit cozy inside your warm home. The phone rings. You're reluctant to answer because you know it's trouble.
*Who's on the other end of that phone? Why are they calling?*

It's early in this new year of 1924. You're riding your horse through the woods when something shiny catches your eye from deep in the trees. A deep humming noise finally reaches your ears.
*What's the something shiny?*


  1. Wow, these are great prompts!! I think you should make a book of them. ;)

    1. I've been thinking about doing that! Maybe when I get about 700 more of them!

  2. I see you've made them a bit harder. Guess I'll have to get my game back. This is going to be a hard call though. Fun, fun.

    1. I'm glad they were challenging but not impossible! I look forward to reading your contributions as always.