Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tall Tale Tuesday: Prompts for April 22nd

Last week, Samantha from The Marble Jar wrote Lost Doll. I'm always thrilled by where she takes the prompts, and Lost Doll was a great read. Make sure you show your appreciation for her story.

I'd like to do something a little different this week. It occurred to me that people might want to participate, but not devote an entire blog post to their attempt for whatever reason. You can also add your idea or finished story to the comment section, too.

I'll still use the linky, and feel free to add your blog/fiction link to it, but you can also add your story or link to the comments as well.

On to the prompts:

A strange man knocks on your door. Before opening the door, you peek through the side windows to see him patting his coat pocket almost as if reassure himself that whatever is held there hasn't disappeared.
*Who is he, and what does he have in his pocket?*

A woman comes home from work to find that everything in her home has been moved a few inches from where it was previously. She notices because with every single thing moved including her fridge, tables and bed, it's slightly disorienting.
*What does she do next? Does she know why this has happened?*

A depressed man is clicking randomly online. He is unhappy in his job, his marriage, and his life in general. He clicks on an obscure video site - almost like the popular one - and sees a video that changes his life.
*Talk about the video, or how it makes him see his life differently.*


  1. oooh, challenging. Does it have a Precious in its pocket?

  2. I submitted my latest piece "Altar of Rebellion". Feedback welcome!