Friday, March 21, 2014

Feature Friday: March 21st

This hasn't been a terrific week. Those of you who are paying attention may have noticed that I had no post on Wednesday. I needed a bit of a mental health break. There's nothing major going on with me. Just a little burnt out, I think. Next week, I'll be back on track.

My Feature Friday will be slightly boring since I spent some time resting and reading. I took refuge in an old favorite; Lightning by Dean Koontz.

This came out in 1988. Insane. 

I love ruins, burned-out buildings, ghost towns and the like. They're intriguing for reasons that I can't quite explain. Destroyed buildings have history and a story, but I don't want to know its past. So that's not why I like them. Maybe because there are no people in them! Kidding... mostly.

I imagine sitting in them alone with a book and no chance that I'd be interrupted. I'm fascinated by the old stories about whole villages of missing people, too. I like the mystery of it. What happened to them?! I have a whole board filled with pictures of ruins, too.

Back on topic.

I found this website the other day called The Hospital. It allows you to walk through an abandoned hospital. Pretty creepy.

My blog share for the week is Rochelle Barlow and her 31 days of ASL. I have always wanted to learn sign language. I used to know how to sign the alphabet since I would take out library books on the subject when I was little. She's got some great videos on her blog. 

That's it for the week for me! Check out Marcia's blog hop at Blogitudes for other participants. 


  1. We all need a break from time to time, Missy. Blogging regularly is a LOT of work. I was under the weather myself this week and couldn't manage to get everything done that I wanted to do. I'm so glad you were able to share your Feature Friday post with us. Thank you ... and hopefully we'll both be back in full swing next week! :D

    1. Blogging is a lot of work if you want to create quality posts for readers, which most of us do. That can take a toll week after week. I have to keep planning my posts ahead of time. That seems to help, yet I don't always do it.

      I hope you're feeling better next week!

  2. You know, I think a lot of people took a break this week. For me, it's always Sunday. Mainly because I have to gear up for the week. I try to look at something other than a screen. It's refreshing - can't wait to see what comes of your break day next week!!

    Can I share that I am TERRIFIED and intrigued by your "The Hospital" share....


    1. It's pretty creepy, but at least there weren't any screaming faces suddenly popping onto the screen. Remember those things? They've died down now, but for a while I was afraid to stare intently at anything on screen!

      Enjoy your Sunday!

  3. I took a break this week too. I kinda ran out of steam yesterday and finally pushed myself to come back on this evening. So many comments to respond to, and to make.

    Dean Koontz is a favourite author of mine. I really enjoy his stuff!!

    That hospital link is *very* cool!! We have an old sanitarium in our city and during the month of October, they give tours of the underground tunnels. I haven't been yet, but this year it is top on my list. Definitely going to be creepy!

    Your shout out to the ASL post is awesome!! I am partially deaf, and have been wanting to take a course in ASL.

    1. I love-love-love things like that. I always took my girls to haunted houses in October. I'm very envious. I want to hear all about it when you go!

      I hope you enjoy Rachel's videos. If I'm remembering correctly, she is a translator, too. So I'd trust her knowledge!

  4. That hospital was creepy. Good for inspiration though! I went and signed up for the ASL series too. I have wanted to learn for so long. I used to have some down, but I'm lost now. I love historic stuff like ruins, but I get spooked over them. Do you keep a board of things that have inspired you or just ruins? Do they help you to visualize or just prompt ideas?