Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tall Tale Tuesday: March 25th

I'm convinced that Sam's super power is to create stories that hit me directly in the feelers. Many of her stories are very emotional. This one is no different. Thanks for participating, Sam!

Samantha's contribution to Tall Tale Tuesday last week: 

Don't be afraid to write your own stories. You can alter the prompts any way that helps you. I'd love to see more people participate!


The young man finally meets his rich mother's boyfriend. The young man doesn't trust the boyfriend.
*What makes the young man suspicious about the boyfriend? Talk about what the young man does next.*

You return home late at night. The entire neighborhood is completely dark. The streetlights are black, and no lights shine in the neighbor's house or your own.
*What caused the electricity to go out in the entire block?*

While at the store with friends, a teenager notices a man shoplifting. The man doesn't see that the security guard has been following him.

*What happens next?*


  1. Tall Tale Tuesday sounds like a great idea! I say the security guard and the robber were in on it together and split the profits.

    1. That's a fabulous idea! You should write that story. I'd love to read it!

  2. You are right.. Samantha has a gift for great words and pulling you in. I have a new routine.. make sure I have tissue on hand whenever reading her stories.. ! Great prompts, can't wait to hear where others go with these.. I am partial to the dark neighborhood one, it is so creepy coming home to NO power! With today's high winds, won't be surprised to have that happen here in MA!

  3. I'm going to make that my new routine, too. She kills my tear ducts!

    You always pick my favorite prompts. The creepy, spooky ones. Keep out of that wind and snow today!

  4. I almost went the creepy route. I'm still thinking about it. Nonetheless, I chose another prompt and humbly submitted. Just for funsies, I don't think you'll need a tissue. Unless you are in GA and having seasonal allergies like me.

    1. Another great story! I wish other people would participate so you wouldn't feel so lonely there by yourself. I appreciate that you put yourself out there every week.