Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Tall Tale Tuesday, June 3rd

It's June. Half of the year is gone. It's hard to believe! I'm still at work on the prompts for the other site, too. If you want more prompts to choose from, feel free to browse over there!  http://creativewritingpromptsforwriters.com/

Strange Reality

A man dressed in a three-piece suit is seen dancing outside of an office building. He dances with an intense expression on his face, not with the joy expected from someone taking part in such a happy activity.
**Why is the man dancing? What happens when he's done with his dance?**

In an area of the city, there exists a section devoted to the homeless. They sit on old couches, cardboard boxes nearby for sleeping. One woman stands out because of almost neatness of the dirt applied to her face and neck, as if it were smeared purposely.
**Who is she? Why would she be with the homeless if she didn't belong?**

A red Jeep follows behind as you drive home from work. It drives close to your bumper, but not aggressively. Vaguely, you remember a Jeep behind you on the highway this morning, too. For the next two days, the same Jeep shows up at different places as you run errands.
**Is someone following you? What does the person want?**  


  1. Holy crap these are good. Really, really, good.

    1. Yay! I hope one of them inspires some fiction soon.