Saturday, October 4, 2014

Project Runway Wars

When I saw the teaser for the show, I thought it sounded fantastic. The designers would have to bid on storage lockers for their materials for the next challenge. Sounds exciting and challenging, right?

I should have known better. You got me again, Project Runway!

The units were sitting in a warehouse already chosen by producers. That means the materials were already chosen, too. Not the exciting potluck of potential materials that I expected.

The designers were split into pairs for the challenge then given money to bid on the lockers. Amanda and Kini picked a locker that looked like a Chuck E. Cheese exploded in it. Emily and Korina were paired together and purchased a locker filled with couches. Char and Sean... I don't even remember what their locker looked like! I believe it had two dressers with the materials in the drawers.

Instead of giving a play by play of the design process, let's talk about the judging. On the runway, Korina makes the comment, "At least my model can walk..." which is a zinger towards Char and Sean who sent a model down the runway with a lampshade around her ankles. It's true. The model couldn't walk, but Korina is the type of person who tries to elevate herself on the backs of other people. Instead of standing behind her design, she has to point out the flaws in other peoples' clothes.

The judges can't seem to make up their minds about who should go home. (How about both of them, judges?! Seems about time for a double elimination!) They have them participate in a sew-off. Both designers have an hour to make a dress.

They've had these challenges before and normally, I love them. It's completely amazing what can be created in an hour by talented people. Even though it's down to the final 6 designers, I'm not all that impressed with any of them besides Kini and Sean occasionally.

Each designer is allowed to ask for help from their teammate from the challenge. Sean and Emily are tasked with helping keep someone in the competition who might one day beat them. Well, okay in reality, that's probably not true. Emily and Sean are better designers than Char and Korina, but in essence, that's what is happening.

Korina can't see past her anger. She is offended that she has to fight for her life against Char since she feels like without the saves, Char would have been gone already. Very true, but suck it up! That's the reality. Korina could have taken this as an opportunity to really show the judges her talent against Char, but instead, she vomits bitterness all over her dress, and it definitely shows. Emily comments about the resentfulness and negative energy, and how it makes Emily feel like she doesn't want to help.

Surprise, Korina loses.

While I don't agree with all the saves that Char has received, Korina could have handled that better. If she were truly a better designer, that should have been enough to give her the win. Instead, she's packing her ego in her luggage and leaving the show, but not before expressing her dislike of the amount of saves Char has gotten. Then telling Char it "isn't all about you, Char." I could see Char visibly shaking with disbelief.

Winning look from Kini
Via Project Runway Fair Use
Korina's first look
Char's first look

The Sew Off


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