Saturday, October 25, 2014

It's Over. And the Winner Is...

This is a spoiler alert. Inside this blog post, I will be announcing the winner of Project Runway. If you haven't seen it. Run away!

I'm sorry to those who wanted full recaps every week from me. Unfortunately, I wasn't particularly inspired to continue with these contestants. I might not have bothered watching until the end if I hadn't promised myself that I'd at least try. As scattered as my interests are sometimes, I do try to finish what I start! I can't help it if I get bored easily.

Anyway, the winner was Sean. It could have been Amanda or Kini and that would have been fine with me. They were so interchangeable. A piece here or there from each caught my eye. This orange dress from Sean, who had a fringe explosion in his workshop, was nicely done. When it came out, I went, "Okay. That's nice." Nothing blew me away, so congrats to Sean, you fringed maniac.

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