Saturday, August 9, 2014

Bringing Back the Quirk

No, that's not a new dance move. Well, it might be? Wait. That's twerk. I won't be twerking. You can all rest easy about that. I've missed chatting with you guys. I've been spreading my wings and spreading my quirk all over the place, but I'm not as free in those other spaces to really be myself. Since this place has my name on it, I'll be coming back here to bring the quirk. Nobody can stop me here!

For the past two or three weeks, I've been posting recaps on another site. Unfortunately, they have very strict rules about sharing photos. I believe that the pictures are included under the fair use copyright since I'm using them to critique, but they are erring on the side of caution. I completely understand, but that means I had to take down my recaps! I was slightly irked by that since it took nearly an entire day to write those suckers.

I'd like to continue writing them, and it took me days to come up with the brilliant solution of using my own blog!

Since it does take me a day to write the recaps, and I write long, rambling posts, this is a better setting for those anyway. Sometimes experiments don't pan out, and that's okay. I'll be writing more for that site in the future because there are no hard feelings, but the recaps will be here!

Via Fair Use Project Runway
This blog is mostly about writing, inspiration and creativity, and I do believe in staying in my niche. (We all know I struggled with that in the beginning.) These recaps are on Project Runway, and the reality show is all about creativity. Some may argue that PR has veered from the actual designing into the realm of dramatic reality television, but I love it for the glimpses of creative, frenetic energy. That qualifies in this niche I've carved for myself. Because... well, because I said it's so!

I'm behind on the recaps right now. I had one written that didn't make it on the site, but this week, I had other things to do and honestly, I was disappointed about my recaps so I was a little down. I didn't feel like writing a recap that wouldn't have a home.

That means I don't have one for this week, or I'd share it right now. I have one for last week, but I'd rather start fresh. I'll do some little teasers during the week perhaps. If you're a PR fan, I hope you'll love the recaps, and we can have some conversations about the show. And if you're not a fan, I'm going to convert you!

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