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Project Runway Recap: Frock this Runway

First, I need to say... it's beautiful outside. I love the fall. It's starting to get cooler, and as soon as I publish this recap, I'm out of here!

Second, the episode was called Rock the Runway, but I watch PR Australia, too, and they say frock instead of dress. It's fun to say. Go ahead. Try it. Awesome, right?

Third, on with the recap...

Vague drama at the beginning of Project Runway. They open with this weird, awkward silence in the apartment between Amanda, Korina and Char. It's clear something happened but we didn't get to see what it was. That irked me a little. You mean the 19 cameras the designers have on them all day didn't pick up the conversation that lead to the tense staring?

I like Amanda less this season than her original season, but Korina is doing that vague, passive aggressive bitchiness thing. It's clear in her facial expressions more than her actions that she's surprised when other people win. I haven't seen her make anything spectacular yet. Of course, Amanda's garments haven't deserved the wins either.

In Amanda's interview, she reports to the audience that Korina called her phoney. I don't think Korina is completely wrong about that. But anyway, that's how they started the show. It was bizarre, and I wondered if I missed the first 10 minutes of the show!

Finally, the real runway show starts. They arrive at Webster Music Hall. Everyone guesses what the challenge will be, but since they have bride and groom cups, it's not going to take Nancy Drew to solve this one. (Yeah, I went old school on you with Nancy!)

Tim walks in with Dita Von Teese on his arm. Screams and exclamations greet their arrival. Full disclosure here...I had to Google her. Okay, so Dita wore a big purple gown for her wedding, and she's kicking off the non-traditional wedding challenge. I love the sound of this. Throw out the traditions. I'm all about that.

Dita Von Teese called the wedding dress a bride's costume. That phrase is great. And so is her name!

Tim lays out all the details; create a believable, non-traditional wedding dress as well as a second dress for a reception; there are no limits; don't make it look like a costume.

Tim then drops a bomb; TEAMS! BOOM!

Another bomb: random assignments (BOOM) and yet, Amanda and Korina working together. That button bag is strangely psychic, isn't it, producers? BOOM!

The boom side effects are my own addition. It was way less dramatic than that. Almost a yawn moment for all the build up.

Most of the other designers are happy with their pairings except the last two; Amanda and Korina. Korina says in her interview that she's not sure how she feels about Amanda since she doesn't trust her. They worked together well a few challenges ago. It makes me wonder what happened, but only for a half second. I can't drum up the will to care about this non-fight. It's just weird.

They stay at the theater to sketch. Some of the groups are working together and bouncing ideas off each other. There's nothing more exciting than watching creative people in that kind of whirlwind space where ideas are flowing.

Korina wants to make a tuxedo. I wanted to like her at the beginning of the competition. I really did. She had cool tattoos and her designs seemed funky and interesting, but she's been designing the blandest outfits. Even her bitchiness is bland. She sees her design as non-traditional - which it is - but she's doing nothing original with it. Amanda is being really timid about pointing that out to her. I'm feeling a little bit for Amanda. She doesn't want to clash with her partner and go home on a team challenge. That's usually how it goes.

The only fabric that seems crazy is the bright yellow from Char and Sandhya. Char's dress color is already unfortunate. Yellow leather and bright yellow lace. Char is frustrated. She let Sandhya take the lead on the color instead of insisting on one that wouldn't sear everyone's retinas. I get the feeling that the other designers don't understand Sandhya and can't see why she wins, but since the judges love her, they feel like they're missing something and should run with Sandhya's craziness. The judges were stunned by original design but that's going to wear off very soon. My advice is stay away from Sandhya's kind of crazy.

I'm slowly learning their names. Mostly when they make an impact on me. I'm not sure why but blue-haired girl's name won't stick with me. Her dress looks like it'll be one to watch.

After we see some of the designs coming together, we have to have a quick bit of melodrama. They are dragging out this non-fight. Char and Korina had decided that Amanda needs to be told to her face that they find her fake. I'm not sure she is, but okay, even if she was over-the-top or fake, why is it up to you to tell her what you're thinking? If I find someone unattractive, I'm not going to walk up and say, "Wow, that's some nose you have there." I might mutter "oh boy" or think it in my head. What was the point exactly? It feels very Mean Girl to me.

Amanda runs into Fade in the kitchen. He's such a nice man, and jokingly says he'll let his model go down the runway naked so he can listen to her problems. Whenever she needs him. He's there for her!

Sam and Alex
They're doing a burgundy lace with silver appliques. In their half-finished form, they look pretty good to me. We'll see!

Sandhya and Char
Oh boy. The yellow leather of Char's dress is puckered. It looks like she hacked up the leather into a dozen pieces then sewed them together like a jigsaw puzzle. Sandhyas isn't done yet, so I don't know about that one.

Emily and Fade
That's blue-haired girl's name: Emily. I'm not sure about her sketch, but I like what she has on her dress form so far. It's lace at the top and off one shoulder with a high waist and a long skirt with cutout squares. Fade will be making his own textiles with cut out pieces and lace that he'll paint.

Korina and Amanda
Korina explains that it's a meld of their styles (which it clearly is not) and she's making a tuxedo. Tim has the same concerns as Amanda did - it's plain. Tim thinks Amanda's treatment so far is beautiful. Korina gets this wide eyed look when she can't believe what she's hearing. Then Tim says "Korina, your look needs more innovation. Where Amanda's look is all about innovation." Ouch. Then Amanda beams this smug smile. Meh. I gave her a point but then had to take it away for smugness.

Kini and Sean
Sean has immunity but Kini is a strong designer. I don't think he really flinched about that. They are creating a pair of pants and a dress for a lesbian at her wedding. Kini is basically done with his garment when Tim shows up. Sean is working on his pants and the shirt isn't even a glimmer yet.

Korina complains that this is what she does. She's not going to make something...weird. And Amanda replies, "Right, well. I'm not going to make something not weird." Korina is very rigid about her boring outfit, and I'm pretty sure Amanda hopes she'll hang herself with that boring jacket.

Model fittings do not help me see the garments any better. Alex comments that he needs to make sure all his model's bits are covered since last runway he had some "sneaky, peeky cheekies going on". Yeah. The model's butt cheeks were playing peek-a-boo. I'm going to save that to use at some point in my daily life! (Sneaky, peeky cheekies. I'll find a way to slip that in to some random conversation.)

The garments are slowly showing their real selves both good and bad. Char and Sandhya are still yellow-ugly, but the rest are coming together.

Blah blah, product placement ads from Tim which really equals "Get your models ready, people!"

Amanda offers to drape the pants. Korina says "Since her dress is so easy. she decides to do the pants." Almost like Amanda should be offering. That's your bad outfit, Korina. It's almost as bad as your attitude. I'd have stuck with my easy-to-make dress and let Korina flop around like a flounder at the last minute. Okay maybe not because I wouldn't want to go home because Korina couldn't make her bland jacket in the time allotted.

Kini the wonder tailor is frustrated that it's taking Sean two days to make a pair of pants, so he offers to do the shirt. He whips those up in like 55 seconds.

Alex says that the top of Sandhya's dress looks like a corn cob after you've eaten the corn. He's totally right. It does!

Korina complains that the pants are bad. Too tight and ill fitting. She should maybe have sewn them herself. Sandhya says in interview that Korina came in overconfident and superior. Treating everyone badly. I can see that about Korina. I'm not sure where her confidence comes from exactly.

I thought the recaps would get shorter as the designers were eliminated but they are getting longer!

Here are the memorable looks from the runway.

Via Fair Use Project Runway

Fade's looks always make me wonder how he accomplished it. I hope he breaks out of the pack soon.

Via Fair Use Project Runway

Poor Kini. I really liked this, but he didn't win.

Char's losing look
Via Fair Use Project Runway

From a distance when you squint your eyes, this dress isn't as bad as it really actually is. Maybe everyone will squint when they see it.

Sean's winning look
Via Fair Use Project Runway

Sean didn't tell the judges that the shirt they loved and raved about was constructed by Kini. I don't blame Kini for feeling robbed of the win.

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