Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Tall Tale Tuesday Discontinued and What I've Been Doing with Myself

Lately, I've been devoting my energy to other avenues of writing. I'm not disappearing! If you want to find me, I'm still all over the place doing that squirrel on crack thing. I want to provide one location for the prompts, which is the new writing prompt site. It doesn't make sense to divide the prompts in 18,000 locations when I can keep them in one. Hopefully, people will find that helpful and less scattered. Keep using the prompts. Keep writing! Or write without the prompts. Whatever works to keep you writing is what matters.

I've been working on the professional side of my writing. Since I started watching Project Runway and reading hysterical recaps, I wanted to do one myself. You'll find my first recap over at Daily Two Cents. If you're not watching Project Runway, you should start! Like now. Right now. Go watch it on demand or something. I'll wait.

That isn't super professional, granted, but the rest of the work is. I'm still slowly working on more fiction with the erotica pen name as well as that mystery story. I have to admire those writers even more now. That mystery crap is hard to write.

Links to my profile pages and the body of my work online, in case you're interested. I'll be back, and I'll keep you updated. I check my Facebook at least once a day if you want to connect with me there. I'd love that!

Daily Two Cents




My Facebook page: Missy Kierstead

That's it for now. I'll keep you posted from time to time, and I'll be back, promise.

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