Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tall Tale Tuesday: July 8th

It's Tall Tale Tuesday again! Take a prompt and write a short story, flash fiction piece, or a poem if you like. It doesn't matter if you want to keep the finished product private, or share it with the group. The point is to be inspired to create. 


The Beach

A young girl is playing in the sand at the edge of the water. Her older brother is a few feet away in the water splashing when suddenly, he runs over and stomps on her sand castle. 
**What happens next? Does she get even somehow? Do the parents notice?**

The surfer swims with short, lazy strokes. The waves have been small so far until the surfer sees a promising wave about to swell. 
**Talk about the excitement, or disappointment based on the incoming wave.**

One lone runner and his dog are on the beach as the sun sets and night descends. 
**Does he remain alone? Who is the man, and why does he run by himself with the dog?**

This week, I won't be adding the link generator. I'm not very happy with how it works and the fact that I can't change the label on it, so add your links in the comments. I'll feature them next week so everyone can see your work.

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