Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tall Tale Tuesday: July 15th


It's pouring outside; big, fat raindrops that plop to the ground and splash as they rebound. The mother and daughter sit on the porch watching it rain for a few minutes until the daughter looks at the mother with round, pleading eyes.
**What does the little girl want? What happens next?**

Jagged forks of lightning flash in the night sky illuminating a man as he skulks from one tree to another in the dimly-lit backyard.
**Who is the man? What is he doing in the backyard?**

Windshield wipers work overtime to clear the glass as the driver heads up the winding turn. Something darts across his path, he swerves and almost crashes. With a rapidly beating heart, he stops his car on the side of the road.
**What flew in front of his car? Does he see it again?**

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