Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tall Tale Tuesday: June 24th

I really hope that people are finding some value with these prompts. I'd love to see more stories. I'm considering a contest of sorts. Any other suggestions to make these prompts better, or encourage more participation, I'd love to hear them in the comments. 

Samantha at The Marble Jar can always be counted on for a great short story. She's contributed a story based on last week's prompt. Head over and show her some love! Peanut Butter Flowers

End of the World

A plague starts spreading. Many people die over the course of weeks and months except a family of five; a couple and their three children. Their closest neighbor left two weeks ago for a rumored camp to the north.
**Does the family stay in their home, or travel in the hopes of finding others?**

On the streets of New York City, the woman notices people start disappearing from their cars. The cars drift into intersections, and onto sidewalks as if in slow motion.
**What's happening to cause the disappearances?**

During the night, everyone on Earth dies. It's sudden and inexplicable.
**What do you do as the last person on the face of the earth?**


  1. How does this work for submitting?

    1. I've added the Mister Linky widget back, so ignore the "Tackle it Tuesday" and submit your link there! Next week, I'll also list everyone who has participated plus their links in the new Tuesday prompts.

      Can't wait to see your story!