Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tall Tale Tuesday: June 10th

Work Strangeness

A young intern working in her first advertising company notices that the executives meet for a pre-lunch meeting once a week. During that time, the entire office seems to function at a lower volume as if awaiting an epic event.
**What are the executives doing?**

The warehouse operates 24 hours a day sending packages around the world for various companies. It's an open warehouse with many clients. One corner of the warehouse is colder than the rest. Workers complain of headaches when they work near there, but they are unaware of the cause.
**What's in the corner of the warehouse?**

The convenience store clerk is slumped behind the counter. He seems to be unconscious. On the counter, there's a heavy mallet like those used in construction, otherwise, the store is undisturbed.
**What happened to the clerk? Where did the mallet come from? What did the cameras catch?**

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