Saturday, September 6, 2014

Project Runway: Saved by the Gunn

Saved by the Gunn

I don't know what the name of the episode is really. That's what I'm calling it. 

Based on the previews of this week's episode, I wasn't surprised to see Tim use his save on Char. That should have been used later in the competition. I liked the idea of the Tim Gunn save because sometimes a designer will take a huge misstep and need to be saved -mostly from themselves. It shouldn't be used for designers that tug at Tim's heart strings, or that he's grown fond of over the weeks. It should be used on a talented designer that falls on his or her face at the last minute. I don't think Char will make it to the end unless she ups her game a bit.

They're in the middle of sketching when Tim announces his save. They all seem happy to see Char with only a few grumbles later about how the save is gone. Tim then brings them to an exhibit of Charles James who made elaborate, intricate gowns with innovative designs. Very ball gown-y but some were quite different and risky for the era. Not risque, but risky design-wise.

The whole time they're at the museum, I'm waiting to see Fade's shirt. He always has something written on them, and I wonder if he does that himself.

So, yeah. Char is back and everyone has to make gowns to go with these uber expensive jewels. It's not even jewelry but jewels. Big rocks and excessive opulence. They're beautiful pieces for sure though. Like museum pieces. They all make their choices and head to Mood.

You know the drill by now.

They run around Mood looking for the perfect fabric and walk out with whatever they could get in 3.2 minutes. Two designers are in line with their identical blue fabrics. There are literally one hundred thousand rolls of fabric. So much fabric that it overflows the bins and stacks to the ceiling in some spots, and these two have the same one.

Korina decides that she hasn't been true to herself and will now make an upholstered couch coat. Samantha and Sean are the designers with the identical fabric. If I was in Samantha's shoes, I'd have grabbed another fabric real quick and jumped into the end of that Mood line. Sean has immunity, and she's never made a gown before. That's a scary combo.

Char is reflecting on her similarity to Amanda. They both got second chances. After her supposed gossipy/sour grapes comments about Amanda taking wins from other people, I bet she does feel a bit differently now!

Crinkled taffeta in silver for Alexander. I want to like it since it's a cool looking fabric, but I have a feeling he'll make the same silhouette that he always does. Some of the designers aren't getting much screen time like Emily and Fade. They're just middle of the pack right now, and I wish they'd push through. I'm curious about a lot of what they make but they almost never get a critique.

Amanda is making a see-through overcoat? I'm not sure what the design is supposed to be. In his interview, Kini says she has balls and just makes whatever she feels like. She was quite timid in her first season, so I can see how she'd be like 'pfft what do I have to lose? Already been kicked off once, it can't get any worse than that.'

Tim is worried about Char's garment. He doesn't want to see her get kicked off again. It'll be a waste of his save.

Skim over Emily and Fade. They are not dramatic enough to get any air time, I guess.

Kini is making...well, I don't know what Kini is making. Usually by the time Tim comes for the critique Kini is ready for a nap because he's been done with his garment for hours. Not this time. His corset boob area is extremely pointed. It's odd and kind of Madonna-esque. I hope he fixes that. I'm so very surprised that it's so badly constructed. Maybe Kini didn't get a nap before designing.

Korina says “I'm doing it the best that I can...” So is everyone else. Tim's just there to give people a critical eye. Some designers can't take a critique or constructive criticism without feeling personally attacked.

Sean is making a pretty dress. I'm not really wow'd by the dress all that much. It's okay. He tries to make it more intriguing by putting a shoulder pad in where the hips would be, giving the girl exaggerated hips. Yes, a dream for every woman.

Samantha is stuck on making a dress that looks like a dress. She's never made one so I think she's happy that the top of the dress is gown-like. She's hoping to skate with hers. Tim tells her she better make it wow.

Alexander doesn't receive a great critique from Tim. He has fantastically interesting fabric, and he's torturing the hell out of it.

On the runway, most of the garments look the same as they did on the dress forms in the workroom. Usually, there's some transformation, but not this week. Maybe because it's gowns. I don't know.

Winning and losing looks

Via Fair Use Project Runway

Korina's winning look

Battle of the Blue Dress
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Samantha's losing look

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Sean's dress

Dishonorable Mention



  1. I guess I'm stuffy but I liked the blue dresses. I suppose I can see the appeal of the winning gown, though I hate the coat. Blech.

    1. How did I miss your comment here? Sheesh. The coat was like a blanket was thrown over her back. I dislike turtlenecks so I had a hard time with the dress under the coat, too. Turtleneck dress? Really? It made me cringe.