Wednesday, April 22, 2015

How This List Keeps Me Out of Trouble

Without new challenges and projects, I might curl into a fetal position under my desk. It's hot under there and filled with dust bunnies (cleaning under there is not on my list) so this list will ultimately save my life! 

Here's a list of the 50 things I'd like to do soon. I might have to learn how first, but that's the fun part. I love trying new things. When I complete them, I might share the process here or not. Depends on how interesting I think it'll be. I will always try to be entertaining at least!

Instead of my to-do list, this is my to-try list. It's not a bucket list with far out things like taking a trip around the world. These are things that are completely doable without too much trouble.

In no particular order:

  1. Wire wrapping jewelry - done
  2. Braided necklaces with charms
  3. Paint on old items
  4. Thrift store shopping
  5. Typography
  6. Book sculptures
  7. Yoga
  8. Draw
  9. Make a painting
  10. Sculpt
  11. Learn to sew
  12. Take a class
  13. Knit
  14. Crochet
  15. Redecorate a room using thrift items
  16. Make beaded flip flops
  17. Garden
  18. Metal detecting
  19. Investigate something (like a detective)
  20. Origami flowers
  21. Urban exploration
  22. Photography
  23. Design a flash game
  24. Write at the park or coffee shop
  25. Create cartoons
  26. Paint wine glasses
  27. Art from scavenged materials
  28. Participate in Free Art Fridays
  29. Make a candle
  30. Sell something online - done
  31. Visit the museum
  32. Participate in more community events
  33. Carve something
  34. Find and compete in a competition
  35. Treasure/scavenger hunt
  36. Decorate haunted house style for Halloween
  37. Make a list of classic books and read them
  38. Glassblowing
  39. Watercolor painting
  40. Paint on wood
  41. Tarot card reading
  42. Yard sale hunting
  43. Stop motion animation
  44. Antiquing
  45. People watching
  46. Make a terrarium
  47. Star gazing
  48. Learn some card magic
  49. Vlogging or make a film
  50. Pottery/ceramics/plaster


  1. I love your blog design. It is so cool!

    1. Yay, I'm happy you like it. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. It's appreciated!