Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Little About Me

For the eight or nine of you who are speeding past this blog on your way to do better, and more entertaining things, I thought I'd try to stop you with some weird facts about myself.

Weird Fact #1
I survived single motherhood. It's possible. Some of us do make it out alive. The younger daughter is 19. She had to get married to escape my house, but she's gone. The older daughter isn't really completely gone, but if I close my eyes really tight and ignore the ringing phone, it's like she is.

Weird Fact #2
In the wake of the girls leaving, they left me with a broken kitty. ONLY ONE! There will not be 12 cats in my future. I will not ever wear a nana sweater with cats or birds or reindeer on it for special holidays.

Weird Fact #3
At the awkward crack in age between 39 and 40, where I slipped in to live the rest of my life, I found a love of writing. It only took the girls leaving me some room to breath to figure out that I might have talent. Might. Possibly. We'll see.

Weird Fact #4
I like to make lists.

Weird Fact #5
As I've aged, my mean sarcastic sense of humor has mellowed. It's still sarcastic but not mean.

Weird Fact #6
I hate commas.

Weird Fact #7
I'm comfortable being silly. I'm done with being all responsible and serious. There's only me, myself and I left. We agree that being serious is overrated, and no fun at all. We won't do it anymore.

Weird Fact #8
I ran out of facts at #3

Weird Fact #9
I'm determined to make it to #10

Weird Fact #10
I can't believe you stayed through that whole list. Congrats! I have no prize for you. Only the consolation that you're not alone in your weirdness. I'm here with you.


  1. I WAS speeding past your blog, but weird facts lists are irresistible :-) I love the way you write!

    1. Ha! I'm glad I stopped you with my weird facts.