Monday, November 18, 2013

How To Keep Your Favorite Television Shows Safe

I don't always watch shows when they first show up on television. If I am interested in a show, it's like the kiss of death. Four shows have been canceled recently that I liked. Almost as soon as I showed the slightest interest. They might have been on for years, but suddenly I set my eyeballs on them. Bam. Canceled. Dexter was one of them. I did get two seasons in before they axed it. So, that's not a bad run.

If you have a favorite show, tell me what it is and I'll promise to NOT watch it. Like a reverse blackmail. I could stop trying to write for a living and blackmail could become my new profession!

Breaking Bad
Mizz Depp Deviant Art

This show was amazing. I was a little depressed when it ended! My introduction to the show? Season 3 or 4. End of the show; season 5.


via saadirfan on Deviant Art

Started watching Dexter one year before its end. I wasn't happy with the ending of this one.

Burn Notice

Recently watched all six seasons on Netflix in a binge lasting about a month. Two weeks in, found out it was over in season 7. *sigh*

Go On

I found this one too soon. It didn't live more than one season! It must have felt my love.

I think you get the point. If you have a show you would like to see canceled, let me know. I'll binge watch the heck out of it. Guaranteed cancellation.

Have a show you love? I'll take a small donation to keep my eyes off it!

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